Is Personal Safety A Concern?

Realtors. Night-shift workers. Employees who work in buildings with dark parking garages. The potential for assault or physical confrontation is not simply limited to business location, but also how people go about their day.

Imagine if your company or organization provided critical tools they needed to carry themselves more confidently as well as protect themselves and their families?

Peaceful Warrior C.P.S.

A Low Cost, High Value Benefit

Corporate Personal Safety (C.P.S.) is a series of three, in-person, 50-minute workshops that teach the critical principles of “ABC’s” of personal safety  (Awareness, Boundaries and Communication) as well as simple, proven and highly useful physical techniques for protection.

Learn to:

  • Carry Themselves Confidently
  • Identify and Avoid Potentially Confrontational Situations
  • Techniques That Have Been “Pressure Tested” For Effectiveness
  • Use Everyday Items as Weapons

On-Site Corporate Self Defense Workshop Rate

  • Block pricing (for three, 50 minute in-person sessions)
  • 10-30 registrants (Two Instructors) - $1199 (as low as $40/registrant)
  • 31-50 registrants (Three Instructors) - $1299 (as low as $26/registrant)
  • 51-75 registrants (Four Instructors) - $1599 (as low as $21/registrant)

Your Instructors

Tiffany Richards has trained in martial arts since 1998 and holds a second-degree black belt. She is renowned and sought after for her self-defense and personal safety classes, which she  teaches all over the country.

Carlos Bartolomei has trained in martial arts since 1974 and holds three black belts. He has studied under some of the highest ranking instructors in the world at martial arts schools and seminars all over North America.