About Us

richard and tiffany 800 72Meet the Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center Team

Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center was founded in July 2010 with a mission to create a community where health, wellness and martial arts training are used to better the lives of its members. It is our wish that through the training of the martial arts and other holistic health practices, our students are motivated to live healthier lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

We created the Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center logo to envelop our beliefs, blending both the Chinese yin yang with the Okinawan/Japanese Mitsudomoe. It includes the balance, health and flow that is universal to Chinese martial arts, combined with the strength, courage and spirit that is so prevalent in Okinawa and Japanese martial arts. The yin yang represents the “Peaceful” in Peaceful Warrior and demonstrates holistic modalities we share such as massage and bodywork, health and wellness seminars and fitness classes. The Mitsudomoe symbolizes the “Warrior” and demonstrates the practice of ‘hard style’ martial arts such as jujitsu, kobudo and karate.

On a personal note, the yin yang represents the balance that Richard and Tiffany bring to the business and to life, while the Mitsudomoe shows the strength that comes from the unity and combined efforts of this couple. With the love and support of their dojo community, family and friends, there is no limit to what can be offered at Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Cente


"Sensei has a unique way of teaching while instilling the virtue of respect to others and to yourself. Discipline and hard work show results that can't be measured in the typical ways the world measures success. Martial arts teach life lessons."


" Sensei Poage, I really appreciate your encouragement on me overcoming my fear. I love every second when I am in your class!"


" I am REALLY happy with this program.  The kids at the Dojo, as a whole, are really, really good kids. The teachers are great and kind.  My kids are LOVING it - and having them on the tournament team means [my husband] and I get an extra coffee-hour date on Friday before we pick them up."


"I had a teacher conference with [my son's] old Kindergarten teacher. She said, "that after school program that you have [your son] in is doing wonders for him.  He is calming himself down and catching himself before he gets too angry." I was really surprised and warmed by her feedback.  I wanted to pass it along.  In the spirit of Thankfulness, as a mommabear, it feels really good to know my kids are in a safe, carring place that they enjoy and is helping to make them better people :)  Thanks!"