Karate Program Scottsdale Paradise Valley Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts-Karate Camps Summer CampWe offer seasonal Martial Arts Camps including Summer Camp, Fall Break Camp, Winter Break Camp and Spring Break Camp. Children ages 5 to 13 learn new skills, make new friends and have hours of fun in a safe and controlled environment. Karate Camps are a great way for a beginning child to build basic martial arts skills or for the experienced martial artist to better their skills. Camp participants gain life-skills like problem solving, conflict resolution, respect, discipline and confidence. Hours of fun are spent challenging kids both mentally and physically.

Karate all day? No way! At our Camps, kids enjoy three formal martial arts classes each day in traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate, Jujitsu, Kobudo and more. They also participate in weekly field trips, team-building games and activities, arts & crafts, Japanese lessons and a variety of other events. It’s a new day, every day!

Summer Camps Dates:


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Spring Break

Spring Break 2019

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Monday, March 11-Friday
March 15; 8AM-5PM
Scottsdale Spring Break Camp


Monday, March 18-Friday
March 22; 8AM-5PM
Paradise Valley Spring Break Camp

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